Why Do We Play Video Games?

Games are of many kinds like racing, card, board, sports, puzzles and many more. Games that we play are of different kinds. There are some games that make us think while others make us do things. It is said that the most interesting game that cannot be solved is the one that we cannot figure out.


Gaming is real and meaningful activity for all category of problem gamblers. Video games offered in arcades and computer games made for both the younger and the old are part of this. Playing video games is mostly positive and meaningful experience in the lives of many problem gamblers. Negative experiences mostly resulted from the usage of video games as a coping system.

As a matter of fact, playing has been recognized as an important part of our lives. Not only adults, but kids and even teenagers spend a lot of time playing. They spend this time in various means such as gaming consoles, personal computers, cell phones and other wireless devices. Some video games are even educational tools for children. Educational games are usually on subjects like reading, mathematics, science etc. In contrast, there are also some violent games that can influence aggressive behaviors.

A lot of people prefer playing console games because they are easy to use. Compared to PC games, they are easier to download and they have simpler instructions for players. Consoles allow users to attach external controllers to enhance the intensity of the game.

In most cases, playing video games is associated with expensive gaming console. These games are usually developed by huge companies that invest a lot of money and effort in creating the best video games that can give users a lot of fun. The popular games such as Mario, Zelda, Guitar Hero and other games are developed by huge companies such as Nintendo and Sony Computer Entertainment America.

Playing video games need not be expensive. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars just to play your favorite games. There are actually many games you can play at home that do not require you to invest a lot of money. For example, you can play the popular flash game Ridiculus where you use a mouse to trigger colorful balls to hit the walls and other objects. These simple games will make you forget your worries and frustrations. They will also keep you busy in your free time and at the same time teach you how to manage your time.