5 Popular Video Game Genres

Game: an object or process whereby the player achieves an objective by means of skill, technique, or even luck. A game is a controlled form of activity, normally undertaken for fun or entertainment, and at times used as an educational instrument. In contrast to work, which is typically carried out for monetary remuneration, games are often independent from such necessities and are designed primarily for recreation. In most cases, games are aimed at educating and informing the participant about the culture, society, or situation in which they exist. There are many different types of games. Some of the most popular include word games, mathematical games, cooking games, musical games, sport games, fighting games, puzzle games, card games, board games, and casino games.


Some of the earliest known GAMES were released in the year 1970. The first ones were text-based, using the keyboard and mouse. With the evolution of technology, more sophisticated technology was introduced, and the first video games became more vibrant and realistic. From this point on, games began to be referred to as genres, or categories. Over the last two decades, more genres have emerged, including action, adventure, simulation, racing, RPG, puzzle, casual, and free-style games.

Adventure Games: this category includes all adventure games, where the emphasis is on exploration and puzzle-solving instead of story. Adventure games offer a great deal of interactivity, as the players are allowed to manipulate the characters they meet through the course of their adventure. In some cases, a video game requires players to perform physical tasks to progress the storyline, and in other cases, the player is allowed to explore and solve puzzles to achieve various goals.

Text-Based Adventure Games: most text adventure games are text-based, where the focus is on visual novel-style gameplay. These are played using a keyboard, or sometimes a touch screen. However, many of these adventure games feature an element of action and exploration.

Action-packed Video Games: action-packed video games often contain many different types of gameplay. They usually require players to move around and make various types of decisions based on storyline, environmental elements, or other factors. Examples of this genre are tower defense games, adventure quests, first-person shooters, action platformers, first person shooters, fighting games, card games, strategy games, and hidden objects.

Casual Gaming: this type of video game involves interactive play for younger children, where the focus is not on storyline but fun mechanics and game mechanics. Examples include card games, arcade games, casual puzzles, word games, trivia games, cooking games, musical games, and board games. Some of these games can be enjoyed alone, while others may need to be played with other people in order to be truly enjoyed. In addition, many casual games have leaderboards and other incentives to keep playing.